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Bally Total Fitness Membership cancellations should be made possible in person, by phone or by e-mail. Cancellation at Bally is only possible through US postal mail which allows Bally Total Fitness to charge another month's membership fee ($25.00) while the mail is being delivered and processed.

By making the process of cancellation of membership more difficult Bally's is racking up extra fee's from their members. The representatives that work at Bally Total Fitness and their customer service department refuse to cancel any membership and will continue to charge their customers until they have received a letter addressed to their cancellation department.

Let Bally Total Fitness know that their cancellation policy is not OK with their guests. Why should customers continue to pay, even when trying to cancel membership?

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Ok well depending on the state you live in ONLY WRITTEN cancellations are accepted by LAW! Next time read your signed agreement, because I can guarantee the cancelation process is written for you very clearly. Companies don't need to change their policies because it is inconvenient for you.


I use Bally in Chicago IL. Today (11/28/2011) there was a notice in the Century club that they will be closing at 5pm on 11/30 (the last day of the month, and the day that their sale to LA Fitness closes). The notice said they will open on 12/1 at the regular time.

I assume it's to change out signage and such, and/or to have employee training.

Curious to see how this plays out, and wondering what LA Fitness would be like. Not necessarily happy at what I hear!!!

As background, I had originally paid $600.00 in 1987 for a "Premium Plus" Lifetime membership (good in ALL their clubs in the USA), with yearly "dues" of $50. Let that lapse several years ago during hard times. Re-joined last year for $27/month, Chicagoland area only. Paid $29 "initiation fee" plus 2 months, then let that one go. Bought one year for a special $99.99 get-me-back offer just last month. The clubs here range greatly in amenities, cleanliness, facilities, etc.


what the ***!!! they are in full gangster mode they are closing the gym in copeg LI not even a email i heared it from member there nothing posted

they dont have to be cortious about screwing you as long as they have clubs open they are not braking the contract.

they will lose a lot of members over this i m sure. cancel your credit card or tell the compeny to stop all auto payments

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