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Bally's Fitness centers are a scam with there freind and family promo. The 90 day pay as you go is not true and you can not stop after the 90 day trial.

The Bally's club manegers presur the new clinent in to a 36 month contract telling them the sponsor has already signed them up. The truth is Bally's has the sponser sing a sponor ship agreement that has a 36 mouth agreement in it and it is not desclosed to you at the time. This sponsreship put you responsable for the other persons agreement even though you were not there when the agreement was signed with the new member. You only find out your financially responsable for the contract if the new member stops paying or trys to cancell the membership.

Bally's puts you in to colection with out sending you a statment. Bally's recruitment tactics are not good for anyone.

Review about: Bally Total Fitness Membership.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience.

We really try to provide the best value in fitness anywhere, and we want our members to be happy. In fact, Bally no longer requires long term contracts and our Members have the ability to take advantage of a variety of month-to-month memberships. Our new Management team is committed to making ongoing improvements to increase the value of our memberships. We will be forwarding your comments onto the Management team.

Should you have any questions regarding your account please contact our Member Support Team at (866) 402-2559 or via email at so we can see how we can help. Thanks again!

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