I signed up for a contract thinking my husband and I would be in VA for a while. well suprise we got military orders to japan.

I followed the directions to cancel my account by sending in my husbands orders and proof that he was taking me along. I didnt hear anything back so when we arrived in japan I went and had a piece of paper notirized that I was indeed here in japan. They continued to take out my monthly dues as I still had not heard anything back. Well my card was lost here in japan and I had to cancel the card.

I of course changed all my automatic drafts but did not do so for bally's because I thought it was cancelled. Life got busy and I forgot about bally's and assumed it was cancelled ( wrong move on my part but I trusted a company to follow their own contract, what was I thinking?!?!) I recieved my annual credit report an saw that they had sent me to collections for the remainder of $1400!! I was beyond livid. I called them and the lady was absurdly rude and informed me that they had sent it to collection, NO DUH.

I completly stopped her mid sentance and told her I didnt want to hear her tell me what I already knew and wanted to know what to do so I can have it taken care of. She told me to send verification that I lived in japan and they would review my account. I agreed after i reminded her I had already sent it.

I continued to ask for her ID# so I could have a referance person and after she gave it to me I let her know that for every phone call I get from ballys or the credit company I will call her line personally triple the amount of times until I get this taken care of. Hopefully this works out for me

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