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The same story as has happened to many other folks: the club has been closed since September 4th 2009, but my account has been charged on monthly basis for 4 extra months. I was away, and too busy to keep an eye on wht was going on.

Now I am back, and the only thing I could do was to cancel my membership - no refunds. Never ever again I use a Bally gym anywhere.

And will do my best to tell the story to everyone who wants to listen. If there a class action lawsuit I'd be happy to join it.

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Been a Bally member since 1999 and cancelled my membership by phone June 12, 2011. Customer service confirmed cancellation on the same day deactivating my auto payment enrollment.

Checked my bank today and found out that the cancellation didn't go thru as I racked up $231.12 in unauthorized charges. Called Ballys customer service and the person said there were no notes on my account proving the cancellation from last year. He said that i should snail mail my cancellation request as they do not take cancellations by phone. This is unacceptable business practice.

If anyone would like to spearhead a class action suit against this company, I would be willing to participate in the movement.



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